Lawn Seeding Service

Organic Seeding / Over-Seeding / Rehabilitation

Take pride in the health and appearance of your yard, with professional lawn seeding services from Friendly Lawn Care.

Platinum package

Based on the results of your soil test, our soil correction program addresses pH imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies or excesses. Looking at the big picture (opposed to just pH test) allows us to consider the overall impact of lime and fertilization will have on the full array of nutrients within the soil.


Because grass grows old with time, becomes weak, or is damaged by adverse conditions, new healthier landscapers grass seed needs to be introduced. A recommended practice to enhance established turf or to fill in thin areas, slice-seeding places the seed in direct physical contact with the soil, a process vital for successful germination. Improved seed varieties will be specified for the growing conditions present in your landscape.

Core Aeration

This process helps reduce compaction by mechanically removing soil cores. This will improve soil structure and allows oxygen, water, and nutrients better access to the root zones of your plants. The cores remain on the surface and should be left to break down and return to the soil as nutrients. This is also a great time to top-dress with compost, apply soil conditioners and lime if needed.

Top Dressing

An application of organic compost is typically done with Core Aeration or Slice-Seeding. We apply material in either a pelletized or bulk compost form. This material introduces rich organic matter to support the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and promote seed germination