Green Lawn Service


Lawn Starter Fertilizer in Westchester County

Friendly Lawn Care offers a variety of fertilizers to help keep your lawn healthy! In addition to traditional fertilizers and weed control products, we also offer a variety of organic fertilizers, and organic weed control treatment options for your yard!

Traditional Care

Our Traditional care program enhances the lushness and beauty of your lawn by utilizing the highest quality conventional treatments available in the industry safely and effectively. A combination of fertilizers, soil supplements, and weed controls make this a highly effective regimen to achieve a flawless looking lawn.

Organic Based Care

By utilizing natural soil supplements and organic fertilizers, the organic base program builds up the strength and health of your lawn naturally. This program also makes use of integrated treatments to keep pests and weeds in check. As your lawn becomes organically richer, these non-organic treatments can often be reduced over time. Organic Based care works well as both a stand alone program and as a gateway to Pure Organic lawn care.

Pure Organic Care

A healthy, thick lawn with a diversity of turf species protects itself naturally. The 100% organic fertilizers and treatments in this program help create biologically sound, hearty turf. This program also focuses on improving soil conditions with compost tea and other natural soil supplements.

Organic Weed Management Program

Our Organic Weed Management program includes mechanical and cultural control of weeds. We test new organic weed products as they come into to the market. Some are showing real promise in reducing weed populations. For properties with extremely difficult weed problems, we do offer our FRIENDLY ” Touch Up ” Program which allows two spot treatments of non-organic materials, at the request of the client. We will not blanket spray or apply preventative pesticides.

The Bridge to True Organics

The program is designed to give your lawn the best of both the synthetic and organic sides of lawn care. Our organic-based fertilizers provide your turf with the free-up from the synthetic side of the fertilizer while providing the organic matter to improve your soil structure, strengthen the root system, and feed the soil life.

We take the time to spot-treat each weed rather than blanket spraying the entire lawn with unnecessary chemicals.

Our bridge Program provides a significant reduction in pesticides with an improvement in lawn appearance.

Goal achieved with less pesticides:

  • Organic-based fertilizers
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control