Yes, we do, from our basic Silver package up to our Titanium package we can customize any package and payment plan to suit your needs and budget. Please see our outline of some of our packages.

Yes, we do. Our programs are always of high quality products and are applied with the utmost care towards your family and the environment. Our certified applicator has many years of experience and is up-to-date on many of today’s problems as well as the technology to better apply fertilizer to your lawn. He attends continuing education sessions giving our clients the best program possible for their property. When our applicator applies any fertilizer to your property it is always done with safety to your family and the environment in mind. Our organic programs are listed with either USDA, Reduced Risk Pesticide (RRP), or Organics Review Materials Institute (OMRI) and follow Grass Roots. We also follow all NYSDEC and Westchester County laws.

We at Friendly Lawn Care believe in having a diverse group of employees whose skills are very versatile. We try to hire the best-qualified people we can find and always try and provide our clients with someone they can talk to when our crews are at their house or complex.

We at Friendly Lawn Care believe in good quality assurance by spot-checking your lawn on a regular basis.  Soil sampling and good diagnostics of your property’s needs, and utilizing Cornell University to help and aid in any problems you may have.  We also believe in good communication and education of our clients on issues that may be going on with their properties.  We do this with e-mail, phone calls, and on-site visits with our clients to discuss any issues that affect their lawn and landscape needs.

We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX, as well as cash if you choose to use it and pay for the service on-site.