Snow & Ice Removal

Affordable Westchester Snow Removal

We do both residential and commercial snow and ice removal. We at Friendly Lawn Care use all types of technology and techniques on your properties to give you the best snow removal possible. This is done with a few steps in mind.

  1. Utilizing NOAA for Advanced Planning: We leverage the information provided by the Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to proactively organize and prepare for your de-icing and plowing requirements.
  2. Roadway Pre-Treatment with Salt Brine: Many states, towns, and villages have embraced the practice of pre-treating roadways using a salt brine. This involves converting bulk rock salt into a liquid form and applying it before each winter event. By employing this technique, we prevent snow and ice from bonding with the pavement, reducing the need for granular de-icing materials. Please note that this method is primarily employed in commercial settings.
  3. Environmentally Friendly De-Icing Solutions: We prioritize the use of pre-treated rock salts and environmentally friendly de-icing products, such as Magic Salt and Clear Lane. These alternatives allow us to reduce the quantity of product used per thousand square feet, thereby minimizing salt damage to the environment. Additionally, these products offer longer-lasting effects and are effective even at lower temperatures.
  4. Continuous Weather Monitoring: Our team constantly monitors weather conditions to swiftly adapt and mobilize our crews for efficient snow removal, ensuring a prompt cleanup response.
  5. Employee Education and Safety Focus: We recognize the paramount importance of educating our employees. They are trained property by property on effective snow-plowing techniques, proper snow-pushing methods, and the appropriate timing for applying de-icing materials. Emphasizing safety not only ensures the well-being of our team but also guarantees the safety of our valued clients. During the off-season, we dedicate ample time to preventive maintenance and ongoing education, ensuring preparedness at the first sign of inclement weather.