Plant Maintenance

Plant and Tree Solutions

Plant and tree health are crucial to a maintaining a healthy garden! At Friendly Lawn Care, we take pride in making sure your gardens and trees are protected from unwanted and damaging insects and pests.

Plant Health Care Services

Our trained environmental horticulturists maintain the beauty and splendor of your landscape plantings by employing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Methods. This approach involves examining your plants for insect pests, disease and cultural problems that could harm or reduce their aesthetic value and preventing or treating them during when certain thresholds are met, throughout the growing season. This program is customized for your property and includes some or all of the following services:

Insect/Disease Inspections & Control

Our trained horticulturists will inspect and treat your landscape for pests through a series of 4-6 visits throughout the growing season.

Organic Deeproot Fertiliziation

In nature, trees and shrubs are fed through the decomposition of forest litter. This benefit is not provided by the home landscape. Our deep root fertilization provides a needed feeding with nutrients and organic soil conditioners, keeping plants healthy and helping them to resist disease.

Organic Surface Bed Fertilization

Designed for ground covers and perennials, this granular humus works quickly to rebuild tired, depleted and over worked soils. The humus and minerals found in our soil conditioner supply plants with all they need to stay healthy.

Horticultural Oil Sprays for Ornamentals and Hemlocks

Many pest populations can be controlled when in their dormant stage, from late fall to early spring. We selectively apply non-toxic dormant oil to your plant material which smothers and suffocates insects and/or eggs, reducing or eliminating the need for follow-up applications. It is highly effective against the devastating Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, an introduced insect from Asia that has been killing Eastern and Canadian Hemlocks along the eastern seaboard.

Winter Evergreen Protection

Winter desiccation can kill landscape plants if the plants do not have enough moisture stored in their leaves before winter. We apply non-toxic anti-desiccant overcoat that helps protect your broadleaf and evergreen shrubs from winter burn by slowing evaporation rates by as much as 80%

Deer Protection

Many homeowners face the challenge of discouraging deer from eating their valuable landscape plants. Our product is OMRI Certified Organic and contains 100% all natural ingredients, has no synthetic additives, is non-toxic and is safe for the environment and your family. It repels by emitting an odor that browsing animals associate with predator activity, causing them to avoid plants before they bite – not after!

Winter Moth Management Package

Protect your valuable trees from Winter Moth damage. They are generalist feeders, but show preference for Maple, Oak, Apple, Crabapple and Blueberry. For the most thorough management of Winter Moth, a dormant oil is applied in early spring to kill exposed eggs on tree trunks. Once leaves emerge from their buds, an application of an organic approved insecticide is applied to the leaf surface to be ingested by feeding caterpillars. Due to their highly mobile nature, it is impossible to guarantee complete control of this insect. Multiple sprays is the best approach for successful management.