Tree Removal: Signs to Look Out For

One of the biggest perks of living in the Westchester and Hudson Valley area is that we are surrounded by scenic mountains, trees and the Hudson River. Most residents have a number of trees on their property. Some homes are even located entirely in the woods.

This is a wonderful benefit for living in such a peaceful, nature filled location.

Most residents love their trees, however like most things, they don’t last forever and it’s important to know when it may be time to cut down some trees in your yard.

Signs a tree should be removed

  • The tree is damaged: A sign a tree is damaged is when it has entry point for insects and disease. If a tree is more than 25% damaged, that is a major sign that a removal is your best bet.
  • The branches look dead or undesirable: Most times, limbs that appear weak should be removed. The longer a weak limb or branch is on the tree, the more likely an accident could take place. Cross branching is another thing to look out as well. If the branches on your trees are crossing and getting tangled, pruning the tree would be recommended.
  • Leaning or approaching power lines or structures: When considering pruning your trees, a clear determination of this would be in the branches. Examples are intertwining with power lines or other structures like buildings, or jungle gyms. If the tree is leaning in one direction altogether, it most likely means there is root damage or weakening. It’s important to take care of this and have the tree removed right away to avoid severe accidents.
  • Severe trunk damage: Damage to the trunk is easy to identify. As you look at your tree, if there are large cracks in the trunk, that is a sign of decay.

Trees can live for many years with a hollow trunk, but eventually the tree will receive a lot of damage from the trunk being so low to the ground. Rotting is also something that commonly takes place when a trunk is more hollow to the ground. It’s important to take all this into consideration and have your trees examined by a tree removal specialist.

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