Tree Removal in Cortlandt Manor

Need tree removal in Cortland Manor? Trees root into the earth, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to remove from the ground or to transport to a new spot in your yard. You love your trees, but sometimes they’re better suited for locations elsewhere or need to be removed altogether. Perhaps they’ve out-grown the space in which they’re rooted, or, maybe you plan to move somewhere new but wish to bring that special tree along with you. Whatever your reason for your Cortlandt Manor tree removal, let Friendly Lawn Care assist you!

Regardless of the tree you’re moving and the space to which you plant transport it, there are several guidelines to follow for the safe and proper transplanting of trees, and Friendly Lawn Care knows them all, as well as a variety of other quality lawn services.

There and good and not-so-good times of the year to remove trees. The best time to remove or transplant a tree is when it’s dormant and the ground conditions are ‘just right. These conditions typically occur in spring and fall, before frost develops in the soil. You just don’t want to remove or transplant a tree when its canopy is fully expressed.

If you remove or transplant a tree during winter, when frost resides in the soil, you risk root damage once the frost thaws and creates air pockets. This can cause settling, which induces leaning of the tree’s structure.

Another thing to consider when it comes to tree removal in Cortlandt Manor is the potential height and size of the tree and the location of home foundations, power lines and underground utilities all affect the transplanting location.

Your Cortland Manor tree removal company needs to identify the tree species first. There are a lot of different variables involved when it comes to tree removal in Cortland Manor.

There isn’t a big difference between removing or transplanting mature trees vs. young trees. The vigorous growth rate and easily manageable root ball of a young tree make its removal or transplanting process fairly easy.

Some tree species are simply easier to remove than others. Specifically red maples have much more fibrous root systems of which you can capture more when digging. Despite this, most trees will move well.

There are also times when tree removal is simply not recommended.

Several steps are involved for successful tree transplanting:

a. Ensure the time and 
budget required to remove a tree in a careful, timely manner is available.
b. Once the tree is uprooted, tie up the crown as much as possible to reduce limb breakage during the removal. This will aid in the cleanup.
c. Wrap the tree in a tarp to reduce wind damage moisture loss.
d. Follow up with proper tree care and inspections for insect damage.

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, trust the professional landscapers at Friendly Lawn Care! We will handle your Cortlandt Manor tree removal with the utmost of professionalism and care. Call us today at: 914-737-0862 or visit our contact page for your Cortlandt Manor tree removal or any of your other lawn care needs!

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