Tree Cutting Techniques

Cutting down a tree, especially a mature one in Westchester County, is not as easy as taking an axe and start chopping. It takes precision and the right equipment. Most of all, it can be dangerous. For this reason, it should be done by properly-trained and equipped professionals in Westchester County, as well as Cortlandt Manor NY, Croton on Hudson NY, Briarcliff Manor NY, Chappaqua NY, Ossining NY, Peekskill NY, or Yorktown Heights NY. If you do try to cut the tree yourself, here are some tree cutting techniques that can go a long way.

Tips for proper tree removal

Before doing this venture, you MUST have the proper equipment. We can’t preface this enough! The equipment should be good condition and be tested. Here are the main pieces of equipment:


This is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you’ll need. The chainsaw should have about 3.5 horsepower and it should have a 20 inch bar. The bar length indicates the depth that the blade can penetrate, so 20 inches should be enough to cut down most trees.

Safety Glasses

Many people overlook the importance of using safety glasses when doing work like this. However, the truth is that flying debris can seriously harm your eyes when cutting with a chainsaw.

Leg Protection

If you hit a knot in the tree, then the saw can kick out of the tree and hit you in the leg. It is recommended that you use either knee-high safety boots or wear heavy leg protectors.

1000 LB Test Rope

The rope should be roughly three times longer than your tree is high. It will be used as a safety backup in case there is an issue.

Tree Cutting Techniques

After having the proper equipment, make sure you have friends available to assist. You definitely do not want to cut the tree only to have it fall on your house, fence, or on a neighbor’s property! Once you are ready to go, you can start following these tree cutting techniques to safely cut down your tree.

  • Determine how tall the tree is.
  • Based on the height of the tree, decide on the direction you want the tree to fall.
  • Clear the area in the fall-zone from any debris or anything that could be damaged.
  • Tie one end of the rope to the tree at either the middle or above the middle.
  • Hand the other end off to your friends and have them stand outside of the fall-zone at a safe distance.
  • Cut a v-shaped notch into the tree on the side you want the tree to fall.
  • The notch should be at roughly knee-height, should cut to the center of the tree and should look like a shallow “V”.
  • Move to the other side of the tree and start slowly cutting into the tree until you meet your notch cut.
  • When the tree starts to fall, quickly walk away from the tree at a 45-degree angle.
  • If the tree doesn’t fall over all the way or gets caught on another tree, have your friends start pulling on the rope until the tree finally falls.

We highly recommend hiring an expert tree cutting service or arborist to cut your tree for you. The professionals at Friendly Lawn Care in Westchester County can assess your property and give a diagnosis of any tree on your property that needs attention.

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