Tick Control in Westchester, NY

Ticks aren’t just a nuisance. They are also bad for your health. They carry diseases they can pass onto you or your pets, putting your entire household at risk. If you’re sick of being at the mercy of ticks, it’s time to invest in 

tick control in Westchester, NY

. Friendly Lawn Care provides organic tick control for people in Westchester County and beyond. Say goodbye these pests with the help of tick control in Westchester, NY.

How Organic Tick Control in Westchester, NY, Works

You want to avoid toxic chemicals, so you’re interested in organic tick control in Westchester, NY. You just wonder if organic tick control works as well as toxic chemicals do.

In a word, “yes.”

Actually, you could take it further and say that organic tick control is even better than toxic chemicals. Organic tick control dissolves larvae and eggs and also creates a barrier, preventing other ticks from entering the yard.

Also, because it’s organic, it’s safe for pets and animals. The entire family can use the yard 15 minutes after the compound is used. That’s why this is quickly becoming the most popular option for tick control in 

Westchester, NY


Finding Hard-to-Reach Areas

Ticks have a way of hiding out, meaning that some companies miss them when providing tick control in Westchester, NY. Friendly Lawn Care trains technicians to find those hiding places. Our team provides full coverage, including woody brush. This is the best method for tick control in Westchester, NY.

More Than Ticks

Tick control in Westchester, NY, has a hidden benefit that many people don’t realize. Organic tick control doesn’t just wipe out ticks. It can also get rid of other pests, such as spiders, chiggers, and mosquitos. On top of that, this system for tick control in Westchester, NY, can even get rid of fleas. Just imagine having a pest-free yard. You can accomplish that with the help of Friendly Lawn Care.

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