Summer Safety: Tips & Tricks for Tick Control

Summer is in full swing here in Chappaqua, New York. Homeowners are spending extra time outdoors, enjoying their backyards on these beautiful July days.

Because Chappaqua is a high residential area where most neighborhoods are in the woods or surrounded by tons of trees, it’s important to add tick control to your lawn maintenance routine!

Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your outdoor space tick free:

Keep it short.

Mowing your lawn consistently is an important maintenance technique you should be using on your lawn regardless. The proper height for grass on the lawn during the summer time should range from about one to three inches. The shorter the grass is, the less likely ticks will be hanging out in your space. The reason for this is because ticks enjoy snuggling up in longer strands of grass.

Don’t over-water.
Ticks have a preference for hanging out in moist environments. Overwatering or poorly draining your lawn is a giant welcome sign for ticks to come over. Be sure that if you have an automatic sprinkler system it’s not going on and off all the time. Over-watering is a big indicator for a tick infestation.

Check your puppy’s spots.
Summer time is great for pet owners (especially those with dogs or cats) because if they enjoy the outdoors they can spend all afternoon running around outside. If you notice your pet enjoys lying on a specific spot under a tree or near a bush, it’s important to check your furry friend for tick bites.

Quick tip: If your pet had a tick bite, it’s important to remove it as soon as possible so it does not get infected.

Cedar is your best bet.
Placing cedar mulch on your property is a great tool because it repels both fleas and ticks. Using cedar mulch to boarder areas where your pet likes to hangout is a good method to keep the ticks away from migrating in those specific areas.
Forming a barrier all around your property with cedar mulch is also a great idea if you’re family enjoys spending a lot of time outside.

Watch out for wildlife.
Living in an area like Chappaqua you are bound to have lots of furry neighbors like squirrels, deer, rabbits, raccoons, mice and even stray cats.
These are warm-blooded animals, which mean they are prone to carrying blood-sucking insects like ticks. If you find a lot of these animals hanging around near or on your property it’s important to take certain procedures into action like making your yard look unappealing.

Setting up fences, getting rid of your trash right away (a raccoon favorite), and removing things like bird seeds or berry bushes in order to reduce an animals arrival are great ways to prevent ticks from entering your property.

Let the sunshine in.
As we mentioned before, ticks enjoy relaxing in moist environments. One of the best ways to avoid ticks is to allow a lot of sunlight to land on your property.
Pruning your trees regularly allows more sunlight to enter your property. It is summertime after all, so say hello to Mr. Sun and let those rays take over your outdoor space.

Are you interested in having a professional come in to help with tick control on your property? If so a great company near Chappaqua, New York is Friendly Lawn Care.
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organic tick control and can help make your outdoor space a tick free environment.

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