Springtime Lawn Maintenance Tips

Springtime Lawn Maintenance Tips

Spring is a fun time to get outside and in the yard. Winter has ended, and it is warm out without being too hot. However, sometimes lawns do not look their best after a long winter. Here are some springtime lawn maintenance tips to help your yard look beautiful.

Rake Your Lawn

In the spring, it is essential to rake the lawn to prevent thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead matter that builds up during the winter. It lies between the new green grass and the soil. If it is too thick, it is not healthy for your lawn because thatch holds onto diseases and bugs that damage lawns.

Fertilize and Seed Your Lawn

If the lawn has bare spots, fill them in with seeds or sod quickly. Spots that remain bare are an open invitation for weeds to grow. If weeds have already grown, weed first and loosen the soil by raking it.

Spread the seeds over the bare spots after loosening the dirt and sprinkle a thin layer of soil over the seeds afterward. If sod is the best choice, cut the sod to fit and press it firmly into the recently loosened soil.

Water Your Lawn

After checking to ensure your hose is still in good shape, water your lawn. Ideally, a lawn only gets watered when it needs it. As the grass grows, the roots grow first. When this happens, it means the roots reach deep in the ground, and this helps the lawn handle a lack of water. If the grass does not bounce back when stepped on, that means it needs water. If the lawn requires seeding or sod, this area needs water regardless.


When the ground is dry and the grass is long enough, it is time to mow. It is essential not to mow the lawn too low because that gives the sun a chance to reach the ground, which promotes the growth of weeds. Also, short grass results in shallow roots, which creates lawns that cannot handle the stress from lack of watering.

Contact Friendly Lawn Care for More Springtime Lawn Maintenance Tips

When you are getting your lawn ready this spring, you may want to contact a lawn maintenance company. Friendly Lawn Care has the experience necessary to get your lawn looking great. Contact Friendly Lawn Care at (914) 737-0862 to get a free estimate on your springtime lawn needs.

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