Snow Plowing and Management in Westchester

There are two types of snow plowing companies in Westchester and the rest of New York. First, there’s the kind that goes into action once the snow and ice hit. That type of company is always running behind while trying to clear driveways, roads, and parking lots. The other type provides proactive snow plowing and management in Westchester. This type of company is ready and prepared to take action at the first sign of snowfall. Find out how proactive companies deliver top-notch service to Westchester, NY, residents.

Stays on Top of Weather Events

A proactive company is always ready for what will come. First, such a company gets seasonal forecast information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other resources. This allows the company to get a better idea of the outlook for the year. Then, it can ensure it has all the necessary supplies.

Additionally, a proactive company that provides snow plowing and management in Westchester stays on top of local weather events. Such a company follows all weather updates and changes, so it can distribute its resources as needed. Then, its teams and equipment are where they should be when the weather gets bad. Instead of waiting around for the company to arrive, the team is already there, ready to get to work.

Pre-treats the Roadways

Proactive snow plowing and management in Westchester also entails pre-treating roads, so they will be safer when the snow comes. While most companies use standard de-icing products, some take it a step further by using environmentally friendly solutions. These products don’t just reduce the environmental impact of treating parking lots and roads. Many of these products also work longer, reducing the amount of de-icing materials needed.

Contact the Top Company for Snow Plowing and Management in Westchester

Friendly Lawn Care takes a proactive approach to snow and ice removal. We stay on top of weather events, use environment-friendly products to pre-treat areas, and offer top-rate service. Contact Friendly Lawn Care in Buchanan, NY, at (914) 737-0862 to discuss your snow plowing and management needs.

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