Organic Tick Control in Westchester, NY

In need of organic trick control in Westchester, NY? If you would like help facilitating the care of your front and back lawn areas, don’t hesitate any longer. Our teams of lawn professionals here at Friendly Lawn Care know what you need to keep those pesky insects away and keeping your family and friends happy while enjoying the outdoors.

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Organic Tick Treatments

How to keep your yard tick-free without the use of toxic chemicals

If you’re thinking about keeping your yard safe from ticks or other harmful insects, don’t use harmful pesticides. Treat your plants and lawn with the organic care you wish to receive. If you want your plants to stay on track, growing in a healthy fashion, stick with our team here at Friendly Lawn Care.

To meet this need, we are now offering organic tick control treatments to our customers in Westchester, NY. The product used in these treatments works to kill ticks on contact and provides residual control lasting 30-60 days. Applications are performed by covering the entire property paying close attention to the ecotone area which separates the yard and lawn from the tree line. This particular area is known to be the preferred habitat of the deer tick.


Our Organic Tick Control rids your yard of:

•   Ticks
•   Fleas
•   Mites
•   Mosquitoes
•   Scorpions
•   Beetles
•   Stink bugs
•   Spiders

Our Tick Free Organic Tick Control in Westchester, NY does not harm insects such as butterflies, bees, or earthworms, nor will it hurt any of the amphibians or lizard family; but it will deter snakes from the areas that have been treated.

If you suspect that your yard is in trouble and may have a possible infestation of unfriendly creatures in Westchester, NY contact us at (914) 737-0862. and we will work to take care of the problem right away!

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