Need Landscaping in Croton on Hudson

Your need for landscaping in Croton on Hudson NY is not just to place first in the next “Best Lawn” competition, practical reasons do exist for a well cared for yard. Your neighbors benefit from healthy vegetation on your lawn, and you do too! Friendly Lawn Care is a commercial and residential landscaper servicing in Croton on Hudson NY  as well as greater Westchester County. We offer quality lawn maintenance programs with the personal touch our clients deserve. We have a Master Gardener on staff to help you plan and design your lawn and garden. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, all of the staff at Friendly Lawn Care are knowledgeable and ready to help.

Landscaping with Friendly Lawn Care

Shrubs, flowers, grass and trees will beautify your house or business as well as improve your property value and the value of your neighborhood. A lush lawn with a dense root system will avoid future soil erosion on your property. Leaves and roots from full, healthy vegetation on your property also can catch particulate matter in both water run off and the air you breathe. Cleaner ground water and cleaner air to breathe is created by this natural filtration system. In addition to being a water filter, a 50 x 50 feet will convert carbon into enough clean oxygen for a family of four every day. Excited about the benefits of a lush landscape but not so excited about the amount of work that comes with maintaining it? Landscaping does not have to be the hassle in Croton on Hudson you might think it is. Just let us do it.

Our affordable landscape packages:

  • Professional Lawn Mowing
  • Spring Lawn Clean-Up
  • Fall Lawn Clean-Up
  • Fertilizer
  • Tick Control
  • Seeding

Contact us at (914) 737-0862 to schedule an appointment for landscaping in Croton on Hudson NY.

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