Leaf Removal Services in Westchester

Leaf Removal in Westchester

You probably love watching the leaves change colors, but you aren’t thrilled when they end up on your lawn. Instead of letting them build up this year, you can hire a company for leaf removal in Westchester. First, find out why leaf removal is so important. Then, you can schedule an estimate.

Keep Pests and Mold Away With Leaf Removal in Westchester

Leaves provide a great hiding spot for pests. Plus, as leaves decay, they become a breeding ground for mold. You can keep both mold and pests away by using a leaf removal service in Westchester.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Leaf Removal

When leaves cover the ground, they prevent your grass from getting nutrients, water, air, and sunlight. Your lawn can become nutrient-deprived and dehydrated if this happens, meaning you might have to start from scratch when spring rolls around. Fortunately, a leaf removal company will take care of this so your lawn will get ample water and nutrients. Then, follow some additional fall lawn maintenance tips to keep your landscaping in excellent shape.

Prevent Contamination

Are any of the trees in your yard diseased? If so, the fallen leaves can contaminate other trees. You can protect your trees by removing the leaves. Then, your trees will have access to fresh soil without dangerous contaminants.

Protect Your Family With Leaf Removal in Westchester

If you’ve ever slipped on leaves, you know how dangerous it can be. You can completely lose your footing and wipe out when this happens. You can prevent this from happening by hiring a company for leaf removal in Westchester. The company will pick up the leaves quickly, so your walkways will be safe.

Keep Leaves Out of the Drainage System

If you don’t pick up your leaves, they can end up in the drainage system. Once there, they might travel into the local water system, harming the ecosystem. Thus, you can protect the water system by removing leaves.

Get a Quote for Leaf Removal in Westchester Today

Picking up leaves is a tiring job, so let the professionals handle it for you. Friendly Lawn Care provides leaf removal services for residential and commercial clients. Contact our Buchanan, NY, company at (914) 737-0862 to discuss your leaf removal needs.

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