Landscaping in Croton-on-Hudson, Briarcliff Manor, and Chappaqua, NY

Do you want to have the best-looking yard in New York? That’s an attainable goal, but you need to use some proper landscaping techniques. Check out these Briarcliff Manor landscaping tips to have the best-looking yard in the block, city, and state.

Add Evergreen Shrubs

When people think of landscaping in Croton-on-Hudson, they usually focus on a single season. For instance, they want to have a great-looking yard in the spring or summer. Think beyond that by planning your landscaping to look great all year long. You can do just that by planting evergreen shrubs.

Add some around your house, and you’ll have cover and color all year long. These shrubs look as good in winter as they do in spring, and they don’t require a ton of maintenance. That makes this a simple way to spruce up your yard from one season to the next.

Add a Diverse Mixture of Plants

Of course, you don’t just want evergreen shrubs. You will want some different plants, as well. Fortunately, your Chappaqua, NY, landscaping experts can plant a diverse range of plants that bloom during different times of the year. That means something will always be in bloom, and those blooming plants will cover up the ones that aren’t in bloom yet. This little landscaping tip will make your yard look amazing during the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Create Walkways to Connect Points of Interests

Do you have a firepit in your yard? Maybe you have a flower bed you like to visit. Have your Croton-on-Hudson landscaping expert connect the points with walkways. Simple stone walkways can completely transform your landscaping. They look great, and they keep people from walking on your grass. That means you won’t have to deal with crushed grass anymore.

Contact the Briarwood Manor Landscaping Experts

Do you want to have the best landscaping in Briarwood Manor, Croton-on-Hudson, or Chappaqua, NY? Friendly Lawn Care can help. Contact Friendly Lawn Care at 914-737-0862 to learn more about our landscaping solutions. After you make that call, you’ll be well on your way to having the best lawn around.

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