Fall Lawn Maintenance Steps

Now that the summer is over, you’re probably thinking about your lawn less. You may not be mowing it as much, and you’re almost certainly not spending as much time outside. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your lawn until next summer. In fact, there are essential fall lawn maintenance steps that you should be taking at this time of the year. That way, when next spring rolls around, you’ll be thrilled at just how great your lawn looks. Here’s what you should be doing.

Feed Your Lawn

Did you know that now is the perfect time to feed your lawn? In fact, this task may come first in your list of fall lawn maintenance steps. Take the time to look for a suitable feeder that will allow you to feed your lawn correctly. When you do this, you help your grass get the nutrition it needs to survive the colder months. That way, it will grow back nice and healthy next year.

Keep Watering

Of course, you know that you won’t be able to water your lawn all year long. But that doesn’t mean you should stop watering in the fall. As long as it’s not too cold out, this will help your lawn look its best. Just remember, since it’s not as hot and sunny out as it is during the summer, you won’t need to water for quite as long.

Keep Mowing

Just like watering your lawn is vital during the fall, so is mowing it. This should be one of the fall lawn maintenance steps that you take this year. After all, you don’t want your lawn to look unruly just because the weather has cooled down, do you?

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