Elevating Mt. Kisco’s Natural Beauty: Landscape Design


Nestled in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Mt. Kisco is a town with a rich history and stunning natural scenery. Whether you’re a homeowner, run a business, or simply love nature, the way we design our outdoor spaces in this charming town matters a lot. In this blog, we’ll explore the unique opportunities and challenges of landscape design in Mt. Kisco, NY, and share some practical tips for creating beautiful outdoor areas that blend seamlessly with the town’s natural surroundings. Our insights are brought to you by Friendly Lawn Care.

Embracing Local Flora

Friendly Lawn Care, among the top landscape design companies near you, understands the significance of incorporating native plants and trees into your outdoor spaces. Native species not only thrive in the local climate and soil conditions but also provide essential habitat and food for local wildlife. Some beautiful native plants you might consider include the Eastern Redbud, White Oak, and Cardinal Flower. These plants not only enhance the visual appeal of your landscape but also contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Blending with the Topography

Mt. Kisco is characterized by its rolling hills and lush woodlands. Friendly Lawn Care specializes in landscape design build projects that seamlessly blend with the natural contours of your property. They use terracing, retaining walls, and other structural elements to create level areas for gardens, patios, and seating areas. By doing so, you can maximize the use of your space while maintaining a harmonious relationship with the landscape.

Four-Season Appeal

Mt. Kisco’s ever-changing seasons inspire Friendly Lawn Care to design landscapes that captivate year-round. Their landscape architects excel in commercial landscape design as well, ensuring that your business property remains visually appealing throughout the year. They plant deciduous trees like Sugar Maples and Red Oaks for spectacular fall foliage. For year-round greenery, they recommend evergreen trees and shrubs like the American Holly and Eastern Red Cedar, ensuring your landscape’s vibrancy even during winter months.

Hardscaping Elements

Friendly Lawn Care’s landscape design build services encompass hardscaping elements that add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces. Consider a well-designed stone patio or walkway using natural stone materials like bluestone or fieldstone. These elements create striking contrasts to the lush greenery, offering perfect spots for outdoor dining, relaxation, or creating circular landscape designs that become the centerpiece of your property.

Sustainable Practices

Environmental landscape design is at the forefront of Friendly Lawn Care’s philosophy. They incorporate sustainable practices like rain gardens, permeable paving, and efficient irrigation systems to minimize water waste and reduce the environmental impact of your landscaping. With their commitment to sustainable landscaping, you can have a thriving landscape while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Lighting for Ambiance

To extend the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces into the evening hours, consider Friendly Lawn Care’s expertise in landscape lighting. Their carefully placed fixtures can illuminate key features of your landscape, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and enhancing security. Lighting can highlight the texture of stone walls, the elegance of trees, and the serenity of water features, turning your landscape into a nocturnal wonderland.


Landscape design in Mt. Kisco, NY, reaches new heights of natural beauty with Friendly Lawn Care, your trusted landscape design build partner. By embracing native flora, blending with the topography, ensuring year-round appeal, incorporating hardscaping elements, practicing sustainability, and using thoughtful lighting, Friendly Lawn Care can transform your property into a masterpiece. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, enhancing your surroundings with their expertise not only adds value to your property but also enriches your quality of life in this picturesque town. So, with Friendly Lawn Care, let your creativity flow as you embark on your Mt. Kisco landscape design journey!

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