Removal of Broken Branches & Trees in Westchester

Large trees that have broken and dead limbs are a danger to people and property. If 25% of less of the branches are damaged, the tree may recover and be unaffected as a whole. However, if the damage is more severe than that or if it is holding up branches that have not yet fallen, it is a hazard that has to be dealt with before someone is hurt or your home or business is damaged. Hire a professional tree removal company and know that your property is safe for friends and family or expensive damages.

Friendly Lawn Care is a Putnam and Westchester County licensed contractor. They have been providing reliable and professional landscaping services since 1998.  Friendly Lawn Care strives to maintain competitive pricing without sacrificing their prompt, quality service while creating the environment their clients’ desire. Their experienced work force is safety oriented and veterans of the trade. Removing a tree is not something you can tackle without proper equipment and training, Let Friendly Lawn Care take the worry out of that dangerous project.

Some basic things to look for while wondering if the tree needs to be removed:

-Is it an undesirable species?

-Does the tree seem unhealthy?

-Is there trunk damage?

-Large dead branches?

-Are all the dead branches on the same side of the tree?

-Is there any evidence of mold or rot?

-Is the tree leaning?

-Is the tree free from power lines?

-Is the tree out of room to grow?

If you have determined you want your tree removed or if you want to call in an expert, contact Friendly Lawn Care today 914-737-0862!

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