Choosing the Right Landscaper for You in Westchester County

As spring is slowly creeping up, many people are starting to think about perfecting their landscaping design for summer. With so many options for lawn care services, it can be hard to even know where to begin when choosing the right landscaper in Westchester County

There are a few tips to consider as you begin a landscaping project:

1. Get Inspired

Spend some time flipping through a landscape or garden magazine, or a gallery of landscaping photos. Take note of features you like at other properties. The more research you do, the more confident you’ll feel choosing the perfect landscape design.

2. Define the Scale of Your Landscaping Project

Are you looking for a lawn care and maintenance service to mow your lawn and weed or are you looking to redesign the lawn completely with a landscape masonry service? Decide in advance what you are going to do, and assign yourself a budget. It’s easy to start a project with a certain figure in mind and have that number grow as you progress. Your contractor can help you by explaining exactly where your money will go.

3. Plan Your Landscaping Timeline

Remember that many landscapers in Westchester County have a busy schedule as the weather gets nicer – they may be busy for two weeks, six weeks or even six months at a time. Make sure their schedule coincides with yours. You may also want to consider the time of year if you plan on planting new flower beds and foliage. Consulting with your prospective landscaping professional for is the best way to plan all these crucial details. Consulting with a landscape professional is a great way to find landscaping tips for the upcoming spring.

4. Ask to See Samples

Get a feel for the materials offered. There are a variety of different materials, all within different price ranges. A real stone patio costs more than an imitation stone patio, but you may prefer the look of one to the other. There are also different grades of turf, trees and shrubs that can vary in cost depending on size. You can also ask your landscaper for photos of completed projects to see how their materials look within a design scheme.

5. Don’t Rush the Process

Rushing landscaping projects can result in costly errors. Your landscape professionals should be skilled and experienced, and it is those qualities you’re paying for. The landscape professionals at Friendly Lawn Care will be sure to make a quality landscape for you to enjoy for years to come. Make sure to take your time when choosing the right landscaper for you in Westchester County.

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