Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Westchester County

Friendly Lawn Care specializes in residential and commercial landscape lighting installation, service and maintenance. Our landscape lighting crews are some of the best in the business. We understand how lighting systems work and where the light should go to maximize your visual nighttime enjoyment.

As a leading provider of low voltage landscape lighting systems, we offer the highest quality lighting products, professional outdoor lighting design, lighting installation services and on-going support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques – Setting the Scene

There are many outdoor lighting techniques that can be created using the lighting products available from Innovative Lighting & Design (ILD). Below you will find a description of the outdoor lighting techniques.

Accent & spotlighting

A quick way to add drama to a landscaped garden. Position intense and focused lights near the base of statuary or trees or near a surfaced wall or trellis. This technique is very compelling but should be used sparingly.

Cross Outdoor Garden lighting

If your aim is to show off a beautiful statue or an old gnarled tree, you’ll love the softly flattering light that is produced by cross garden lighting. To do this, position a spotlight on either side of the object you wish to illuminate, whether natural or man – made. The multiple beams of light produce softer shadows and reveal more detail.

Down lighting

Down lighting is recommended as an effective and affordable method for security outdoor lighting. To illuminate large areas position bright spotlights near the roof of your home. To light a pathway, mount smaller luminaries near the ground.

Path and Outdoor Lighting

There is perhaps nothing more beckoning that a well lit garden path. Place low level on either side of a path or walkway. As an added benefit, path garden lighting provides a safe walkway and adds to your home’s security.


If you have a tree or statue with a striking profile in front of a wall or other surface, shadowing may be a very elegant way to add some drama to your exterior. Place recessed luminaries in front of the object to create shadows on the surface beyond.


The opposite of shadowing, this garden and outdoor lighting technique is equally as simple. Just position recessed luminaries behind and below the object to create a spectacular silhouette.

Spread Lighting

If you’ve invested in landscaping your garden with flowerbeds and low shrubs, you’ll want to enhance its nighttime appeal with spread lighting. To do this, position luminaries to illuminate low lying landscaping and ground cover.

Moon Lighting

If you have a medium to large size tree try placing one or two low voltage lights, pond lights with glare guards and frosted lenses works well, onto the second or third tier of branches and angle the light through. This will create an artificial moonlight effect and be very subtly at the same time as casting light interestingly over the area below.

Up Lighting

If a canopy of branches covers your garden, try this technique, place recessed garden and outdoor lighting luminaries in the ground and angle the lamp upwards. The illuminated branches or architecture will provide an interesting point of visual interest and reflect a soft light onto your garden and patio.

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